Research Before You Make The Move

by Larry Warren
(Norman, OK)

My wife and I have been researching where to retire for over a year now, and we have found out many things through our research. We have looked from Valencia, Spain to Cuenca, Ecuador and many more places.

One thing we know for sure is, it will be in a country that you will have to speak the language, such as Spanish. We have been taking Spanish lessons for the last several months, knowing that we will eventually retire in a Spanish speaking country.

I have read the articles above about the good and bad about taking the plunge to live in a different country, and the only good advice I can give is, visit the country first for about a week, and if you like it, RENT first before you buy.

There are many short and long term (6 month) rentals to be found no matter where you visit. I would be scared to death to BUY before I really knew if I liked it or not. I hear horror stories such as the person above. Research, research and then research some more before you make a decision.

An example, it cost on average $650.00 to $700.00 per pet to have them sent over. We have three. That equals about $2000.00. Some renters don't allow pets. Just a thought. Good luck.

- Larry

P.S. We would like to hear from Expats or anyone that could share some of their experiences with us.

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